Winslow-Snowdrift-2015DayofDeadOn November 1, 2015, Snowdrift Art Space presented Winslow’s Día de los Muertos Celebration. Families celebrate Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) throughout Latin America and the Southwestern United States to remember their departed ancestors and loved ones. They pray, sing, dance, and place ofrendas (offerings) at graves and altars for the departed, who are thought to briefly visit the earth at this time each year to make sure that all is well and they have not been forgotten. Ofrendas on altars may include flowers, candles, incense, sugar skulls, and statues of saints as well as pictures, personal items, and favorite dishes of the departed.

Over 300 people attended this free annual event, and we thank all our returning partners for its success: to the members of the public who set up individuals altars or added their own ofrendas for departed family and friends to Snowdrift’s Community Altar; to Flagstaff Nuestras Raices for their Sugar Skull Workshop; to the Winslow Ballet Folklorico for their great performance; to Sandi Martinez and family for selling Día de los Muertos crafts; to Christa Knox and her Winslow Middle School students for displaying their paper mache “sugar” skulls at the event; and to the Winslow Arts Trust and the Winslow Chamber of Commerce for their continued financial support.