Dan Lutzick, sculptor and co-owner of Snowdrift Art Space, is a participant in the Circle of Truth. The traveling exhibition was on display from October 19, 2018, through March 11, 2019, at the New Museum in Los Gatos, California. It opens on August 10 at the MOAH Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, California, and runs through October 20, 2019.

Conceived by artist Laura Hipke and co-curated with artist Shane Guffogg, the Circle of Truth is described as a “visual game of telephone.” Forty-nine artists created forty-nine works specifically for the project, all of which measure twenty inches square by two inches deep and will be hung in chronological order. Guffogg created the first piece and Ed Ruscha created the final piece. In between, forty-seven artists from Los Angeles, Arizona, and New York received the prior piece along with a blank canvas and the instruction to find “truth” in the piece and to respond with their own piece and essay about the experience. They received no information about the prior pieces or artists, all of whom keep the secret until the nine-year project was complete.

From the Circle of Truth Project website: “What transpired over the course of the project – what Truths were explored and discovered, how the artists were affected – broadened the scope of the Circle of Truth from an interesting exploration of sensitivity and creativity, into an unexpected examination of what Truth means sociologically and spiritually . . . The Circle of Truth will be remembered as a moment when generosity, goodwill and courage came together to make something bigger than the individual, while inviting the viewer to be an integral part of the outcome.”