The Artist

Dan Lutzick PortraitDan Lutzick spent his early years in rural New Hampshire and went to high school in urban Southern California. After graduating from the University of California-Irvine with a Fine Arts degree, he moved to Winslow in 1994 to work on the La Posada Hotel rehabilitation project.

Dan’s first studio in Winslow was a former post office that he renovated and sold in 2002, the same year he bought Snowdrift. While working on hotel and studio renovations, he began using industrial construction materials to create his art work. He has spent over two decades developing a collection of sculptures using plywood, roofing tar, corrugated tin, wall patch, bailing wire, and rebar. Dan is a process artist in that he gives equal weight to concept, the nature of materials, and methods of working those materials to create sculpture.Dan Lutzick Working at Snowdrift

Dan also emphasizes the unique space that his sculptures inhabit, as well as their relationships to one another. He is continually adding to and rearranging communities of sculpture in the main gallery, where new works are often formed from smaller pieces interacting with one another and being absorbed into larger pieces. Snowdrift ultimately presents a community of objects that tell a story on a grand scale.